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Anti Reflection Device ARD – A Case Study

February 10th 2017

Our client is a leading provider of sniper equipment and services to armed forces and government security services throughout the world. They recently asked Davromatic to assist them resolve a particular failing with existing sniper sights causing field operatives real problems in remaining unseen while in action.

Specifically, operatives are at risk from light reflecting off the object lens of their scopes. This can be seen from a considerable distance revealing the operative’s position and making them vulnerable to attack. The scopes are originally fitted with lens caps but these are designed to reduce dust on the lens and not for use in action where they are easily broken and lost.

Previous attempts to design a solution have resulted in unacceptably low light levels striking the object lens or poor level of protection to the field operative, so our client asked Davromatic to design a solution that reduces lens glare while enabling operatives to work effectively.

Our solution is The Anti Reflection Device ARD. Manufactured from aluminium for strength and lightness and anti-reflection treated for further protection, the product successfully maintains an uncompromised shooting position by reducing object lens glare and eliminates light reflection while allowing the operative to work normally.

Rugged end easy to maintain, the Anti Reflection Device ARD is designed to thread onto tactical fixed-objective scopes and utilises our specifically designed ultra-fine honeycomb that not only allows light to the lens only from straight ahead which allows more light into the object lens while reducing vulnerability from peripheral reflected light.

Fitting both 50 and 56mm scopes Anti Reflection Device ARD is an outstanding addition to our range.

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Resolving FSP Testing Problems

February 10th 2017

The use of Fragment Simulating Projectiles (FSP) and their close cousins Right Circular Cylinders (RCC) are designed to test personal armour materials, hard armour and combat clothing, soft armour. The Fragments meet the specification of many standards including the NATO (STANAG) Standards.

However, a number of customers were finding that, despite the rigorous standards, they were registering irregular results from their testing. They struggled to explain this and so approached us at Davromatic to see if we could help.
Our testing established that the problem lay in the unpredictability of the weight and dimensions of the Fragments. The Fragments were within the tolerance allowed by the standards but not consistent enough to obtain consistent test results. This meant the customers were not able to determine if it was the materials being tested or the fragments that were varying.

We at Davromatic are one of the few manufacturers with the skills, experience and equipment to deliver FSPs, RCCs and their Sabots precisely, not only in dimension but in weight also. Renowned for our consistency and quality, we also offer a speedy delivery to customers throughout the world*. Furthermore, we are fully licenced with the Home Office and MoD and accredited to the highest Defence and Aerospace quality standards.

About Davromatic: A policy of innovation and continual investment in state of the art equipment has been the key to our success and expansion. The application of this new technology, specially developed for machining processes, has enabled us to provide the capability of turning ultra-high precision components in a variety of materials to suit the application all sectors. The versatility of our new machines allows us to compete in the global defence market for production of highly complex parts in batch sizes to suit the customer needs. In process gauging of 100% of critical dimensions has given us the ability to offer customers a unique quality of service.

* Subject to export licence where required

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Tungsten alloys are much in demand throughout the world in the Defence and Aerospace sectors. They offer a unique combination of properties like high density; stiffness and good machining properties. In addition, they offer a cost effective way to combine these attributes within the application. Additionally, some alloys offer very high strength together combined with good ductile properties.

However there are few companies able to machine Tungsten to the exacting standards required by the industry. Based in the UK, Davromatic Precision Ltd continue to deliver and exceed customer expectations. Using modern machines and drawing on long experience they produce finished components and assemblies to the highest possible standards.

A highly qualified team work closely with customers to design and machine and, if required, implement the most complex designs to the tolerances demanded whether working on finished parts or assemblies.

Davromatic understand how vital Tungsten components are to their customers. They are proud to support their customers’ mission critical applications by delivering components of unmatched quality and reliability in the most exacting time scales. Holders of ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certifications, Davromatic follows the strictest quality control meeting the most stringent specifications.

High Quality Ultra High Precision Components


Davromatic Precision has gained a well respected and high quality reputation for producing ultra high precision components in difficult to machine materials.


The philosophy of investing in the latest technology has enabled the company to grow and stay ahead at the cutting edge in an extremely competitive global market. It is the unique application of this technology, coupled with our skilled workforce that sets Davromatic Precision apart.


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